High-Performance, self-cleaning Screen Media. Flex-Mat

Self-cleaning screen sections have been a well-established screen media for several years, in particular when processing difficult-to-screen bulk goods. With FLEX-MAT 3 by our partner company Major Wire, Haver & Boecker is now offering a new generation of self-cleaning screen media which ensures another FLEX-MAT®3: HIGH-PERFORMANCE, SELF-CLEANING SCREEN MEDIA. significant improvement of the selfcleaning effect. Contrary to the existing products, the horizontally crimped warp wires are not fixed by cross wires but exclusively by recyclable polyurethane strips.

The distinctive lime green strips permit each wire to vibrate individually over its entire length, for even more efficient prevention of clogging, blinding and pegging. In addition to the high flexibility of the wires, the smooth screen surface helps to significantly increase the wear life compared to that of traditional wire screen sections.

Always the best solution

With four different styles FLEX-MAT offers the best specification for almost any screening application. The D and T Series with their defined crimps, for example, provide the same or better accuracy as square apertures, especially when blinding reduces the real aperture size in the woven wire screen. The D Double Wire™ Series is particularly useful for heavy bulk goods, for example on the feed end of screening machines. Comparable to traditional harp screens, the screens of the S and L Series are primarily used to effectively remove fines from the product.

FLEX-MAT screen sections are available in Optimum Wire® spring steel or stainless steel. They can be used on end- and side-tensioned screening machines and on all common modular screen decks. The polyurethane strips are custom-placed to match the position of the cross bars in the customer's machine. Eleven production lines ensure fast delivery all over the world.

Clean: from very coarse to ultra-fine

Till now, self-cleaning screens were available with apertures from 2 mm up to 28 mm for use on the critical screen deck only. With FLEX-MAT, Haver & Boecker greatly extends the range of possible applications, now offering self-cleaning screen sections also for ultra-fine products with a cut size of up to 0.5 mm as well as for coarser materials with cut sizes of up to 100 mm.

Because of their excellent wear properties, thinner wires can be used for FLEX-MAT screen sections than for traditional wire screen sections. Thanks to the resulting extension of the open area, and additional capacity, productivity can be increased in many cases by up to 40 %.