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Stainless steel wire cloth

HAVER protection screen against burglary

Windows and doors equipped with HAVER stainless steel wire cloth with 1.4 mm aperture size and a 1.6 mm cloth thickness offer an effective protection against burglary.

The close aperture size in combination with the springly hard stainless steel wire make it difficult to cut the wire cloth. The outside vision is hardly reduced and there is ample clarity of light.

Delivery forms:
Plain pieces and rolls.

Protect your basement against insects and debris. Light wells in basements, utility and hobby rooms all too often become collection points for insects, leaves and debris. This need not be the case.

Neher light well covers are easy to install and safe to walk on and ensure that even crawling insects and debris remain outside - robust, attractively designed, skid- and break-proof.

This allows you to spend your time doing more pleasant things than cleaning out light wells.

Our light well covers are easy to install, offer high stability and excellent protection against insects, leaves and coarse debris all in one product - one of the most successful ready-made solutions from Haver & Boecker. Optionally available with rounded or beveled and very flat frame sections, they can completely cover light wells of various shapes and sizes. When combined with translucent and weather-resistant stainless steel, they can be walked on and restrict the flow of air only slightly.

Alternatively, our light well covers can also be ordered with a scratch-resistant and walk-on, transparent polycarbonate pane, which offers additional rain protection. In order to achieve increased air circulation, a combination of polycarbonate and stainless steel mesh sheets can be installed.

This hardware cloth and screens for "Do it yourself" can be purchased through hardware retailers as well as construction supply and DIY stores.