Connected to the Automotive Industry

The company's automotive area is certified according to the especially high standards of IATF 16949. Filters and fabricated parts made of metal cloth find a wide range of application in the automotive industry and play an important role not only in the design, but in particular in the technology solutions of vehicles.

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On the fast track with woven wire cloth

Find out how innovative woven wire cloth improves the performance of classic vehicle technology, opens up new creative possibilities in interior design and takes on important safety functions in e-mobility. Read more about the performance data and three application examples in the white paper free of charge.

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Application examples

  • Oil filters for gears
  • Air filters for pneumatic systems
  • Woven wire cloth for plain bearings 
  • Filters made from metal wire cloth for exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Filters made from metal wire cloth for fuel lines

Functions at their best

  • Optimal dosing and distribution of fuels
  • Electrical contact capabilities
  • Filtering of oils and additives

Single source production


Gear oil filters
Fuel distributor
Fuel distributor
Filter for exhaust aftertreatment systems

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