Single Source Production

With a high production depth, from the production of wire cloth to the pre-assembled component, we can respond to your needs flexibly and precisely and we can ensure maximum product quality, from the selection of the metal wire to after-sales service. Single source production - enhancing your security.


Haver & Boecker has been designing and manufacturing looms for more than 125 years. We weave wire sizes from 16 microns to 16 mm.


We manufacture pieces and strips with and without edge protection on high-precision cutting machines. Using plasma, laser, water jet and erosion cutting equipment, we manufacture all 2-dimensional geometries according to the customer's needs.

Calendering (Rolling)

The cloth is rolled to a specified thickness, simultaneously producing a smooth surface. For fine mesh, this can also influence the filtration criteria of the cloth.


For rolled, coiled or single parts, various cleaning processes are available: degreasing and aqueous cleaning combined with ultrasonic cleaning as required.

Heat Treatment (Annealing / Sintering)

Heat pre-treatment for facilitating further processing: for example soft annealing for 3D forming of parts, or sintering for fixing wire intersections.


Plasma, TIG, MIG, MAG and resistance welding - with high-precision seam and spot welding.


Sealing and protection of welded joints, borders and seams of components. Depending on the application, using high-temperature food-grade adhesives.

Stamping / Embossing / Deep Drawing

The manufacture of two or three dimensional products made from single layer or multiple layer woven wire cloth: fully automated or as single part production.

Forming / Embossing / Bordering / Pleating

For forming and increasing the filter area for the same external dimensions, we use a wide range of processes on our cloths.

Cylinder Production

Single-layer or multiple-layer, smooth or pleated cloths are manually or automatically joined to form a cylindrical shape.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Single-layer or multiple-layer, smooth or pleated cloths are individually or automatically moulded in plastic on fully automated production lines.


Using continuous process monitoring, we inspect, for example, our consistently high product quality with our Haver Vision systems.


Manual of fully automatic, loose or single packing, reusable or disposable packaging: Haver & Boecker offers solutions for all automation and process requirements.

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