Guaranteed: Optimum Quality

Modern production methods along with the competence of our employees, and first-rate quality assurance ensure a uniformly high level of quality in our products. Numerous individual certifications from independent test organisations also confirm this, along with our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified process-oriented quality management system.

HAVER & BOECKER was one of the first companies to be certified as to DIN EN ISO 9001 back in 1997. The company's automotive area is also certified according to the especially high standards of ISO TS 16949.

With reference to ISO 14001, the company has also installed an environmental management system. We work closely together with the workers' association, our plant physician centre, and the works council, with this aim continuously in mind.

It goes without saying that HAVER & BOECKER complies with all the environmental aspects contribute to the initial development of processes and products so that potential environmental impact is avoided early on.

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