Success Stories

By means of some success stories from different application areas we would like to present the variety of our production possibilities as well as our readiness to exhaust them.

Oil filters for a vehicle's lifetime

Oil filter for a vehicle's lifetime

Haver & Boecker metal woven wire cloth is also used in the automotive industry. Certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949, the wire weaving division produces among other things filter materials responsible in the suction filter of a dual clutch transmission for retaining particles. This ensures the smooth operation of the transmission - over a vehicle's lifetime. [read more]

All-rounder wire mesh

All-rounder wire mesh

Filters and fabricated parts made from woven wire cloth by Haver & Boecker are used throughout industry, research, the crafts or daily life, and can take on more than just one role. For example, protective devices in control cabinets act as flame arresters and, at the same time, explosion protection. A control plate fitted with wire mesh also performs two tasks in the automotive industry. [read more]

Wire mesh for your safety

Filters and fabricated parts made from woven wire mesh of Haver & Boecker make a major contribution to the safety and function of electrical switching systems. When the “fuse blows“ and the circuit breaker is triggered, this may lead to an explosion in low voltage systems. An electric arc may arise within milliseconds. The surrounding air is heated strongly and expands explosively. Deadly injuries may occur as a result. [read more]

More than “just“ wire mesh

More than “just“ wire mesh

When looking at the products made from metal wire mesh it is often not obvious, how extensive the production process is and what challenges Haver & Boecker places on the development process. This also applies to a wire mesh blank cut for a dishwasher filter. [read more]

Fabricated Parts in Inhalers

Metal wire mesh is used in different areas of application. Usually all branches are conceptually directly assigned to certain properties. Before the mind’s eye the environment in the machine building industry appears quite different compared to the use of filters and fabricated parts in the medical sector. [read more]

Mesh water filters

Mesh water filters

Haver & Boecker manufactures metal wire mesh for various different areas of use and brings it individually into a form as a filter mesh for filtration of water as well as other applications. The result is fresh water which is clean, clear and gushes quietly out of the water tap or treated drinking water, sea water, ballast water as well as dirty water. [read more]

Process Filter with MINIMESH® S Metal Filter Cloth

Process filters with MINIMESH® S metal filter cloth

Haver & Boecker manufactures metal wire cloth for various applications and brings it individually into form. Amongst others, for preparation of drinking water, sea water, ballast water as well as waste water. The often multi-layered structure of these filters and the fabricated parts as well as the production process used are based on specifications provided by the customer, combined with the commitment to quality of Haver & Boecker. The filter-layer used is a square-mesh or a MINIMESH® S-filter cloth dependent on the desired pore size and required flow capacity. [read more]

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