All-rounder wire mesh

A component of wire mesh is both a transmission oil filter and interface seal.

Filters and fabricated parts made from woven wire cloth by Haver & Boecker are used throughout industry, research, the crafts or daily life, and can take on more than just one role. For example, protective devices in control cabinets act as flame arresters and, at the same time, explosion protection. A control plate fitted with wire mesh also performs two tasks in the automotive industry.

Haver & Boecker fabricates wire mesh cut-to-size-pieces, which are integrated into control plates for automatic transmissions among other things. Along with sealing the system, this allows the control plate to filter the transmission oil. At first sight, the shape and structure of stainless steel products do not lend themselves to wire mesh. Haver & Boecker smoothes out the surface of the metal mesh during an intensive production process. This prevents subsequent transversal leakage of the transmission oil at the wire connections created during the weaving process and helps sealing. The intensity and process of the individual production stages influence not only the filtration properties, but also the stability of the products. This also determines the extent of processing as the meshes in transmissions are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations.

The many years of experience in dealing with wires and metal wire meshes, as well as the skill of the in-house engineers, technicians and product designers allow the Haver & Boecker wire weavers to meet this challenge. The choice of the right wire and fabric specifications such as mesh size, wire thickness and material is essential for the quality of the cut-to-size-piece. The automotive product is given an extraordinary shape in consideration of the high requirements of the automotive standard ISO TS 16949. As with all tools and equipment required for producing new filters and fabricated parts, the pressing technique used by Haver & Boecker here is also an in-house development. All cut-to-size-pieces are subjected to a visual inspection immediately after the pressing process before they are packed in line with client specifications.

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