Fabricated parts in inhalers

Metal wire mesh is used in different areas of application. Usually all branches are conceptually directly assigned to certain properties. Before the mind’s eye the environment in the machine building industry appears quite different compared to the use of filters and fabricated parts in the medical sector.

A bright and clinically clean environment is associated with the medical field, as well as strict regulations and inspections. These prerequisites also apply to the fabricated parts which Haver & Boecker manufactures for the use in powder inhalers.

A sieve with compressed edges made from wire mesh is located in the mouthpiece of the inhalers. To prepare the inhalation, this mouthpiece is opened and the capsule laid vertically in the chamber. The convex shape of the fabricated wire mesh part supports correct positioning of the capsule. The capsule is then pierced by pressing the button. To inhale, the mouthpiece is covered by the lips and it should be breathed in deeply. The capsule shell is held back by the wire mesh. The meshes also favour even distribution of the medicine.

In order to observe all medical requirements during production of the fabricated parts, parts of the processing chain take place in a hygiene room. Intensive inspections and documentation accompany the manufacturing process. The punching, deep drawing and compressing of the mesh takes place in just one machine. The compressed edge ensures that the edged parts can be separated from each other and that the border wires are fixed. Loose wires are removed during the extensive cleaning process. A 100% checking using a camera is the final stage in the manufacturing process. The “HAVER Vision System“ serves to allow visual inspection and monitoring of the products of large series production and supports Haver & Boecker in production of fault-free filter and fabricated parts.

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