More than “just“ wire mesh

From wire mesh-blank cut to a dishwasher filter

When looking at the products made from metal wire mesh it is often not obvious, how extensive the production process is and what challenges Haver & Boecker places on the development process. This also applies to a wire mesh blank cut for a dishwasher filter.

The filter in the bottom trough of the dishwasher operates on a three-part filter principle to ensure clean plates, cups and glasses. While large dirt particles are caught by a plastic sieve and a perforated plate, a component made out of metal wire mesh also filters out the fine particles to improve the dishwashing result.
At a first glance this wire mesh component looks like a simple rectangle. What this really is is a cleaned and corrosion-resistant blank cut made from flat flawless stainless steel wire mesh, made to exact dimensions, which can be directly further processed by the customer and, at the same time, is economically attractive.

In order to implement all of these features, precise product planning is necessary. This process benefits greatly from the know-how Haver & Boecker has accumulated in various production areas. Apart from quality, the main focus of our development work is to achieve economic efficiency. Thus the stainless steel wire mesh is already further processed on the loom for the first time. The mesh is sintered to optimise the blank cut for plastic overmoulding. The wire crossings are fixed for this thermal pretreatment. This prevents the wires detaching from the mesh around the edges. In addition, the mesh can be shaped thereby. By calendering the mesh is reduced to a specified defined thickness and thus prepared for further processing. The surface is smoothened at the same time and the blank cut retains its flat structure. 100% camera inspection with the aid of the “HAVER Vision System“ serves to provide visual monitoring of all blank cuts.

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