Wire mesh for your safety

Filters and fabricated parts made from woven wire mesh of Haver & Boecker make a major contribution to the safety and function of electrical switching systems. When the “fuse blows“ and the circuit breaker is triggered, this may lead to an explosion in low voltage systems. An electric arc may arise within milliseconds. The surrounding air is heated strongly and expands explosively. Deadly injuries may occur as a result.

In order to avoid this Haver & Boecker manufactures solid pressed articles made of wire mesh for the use in the ground fault circuit interrupter. These are products made of multiple mesh layers which are bound together by a compressed marginal zone and without any additional joining processes. They ensure direct system cooling and the essential pressure equalization. At the same time they prevent escape of sparks and flames. The individual layers of the pressed parts are made from MINIMESH® plain dutch weave. The specifications for this application include very good mechanical strength as well as good flow properties. A fabric structure consisting of multiple layers with various different pore sizes prevents sparks escaping. Determination of the ideal mesh combination, manufacture of the pressed articles and 100% checking is based upon the technical and economic requirements of the customer. As for all products manufactured by Haver & Boecker, quality stands at the forefront. This is, after all, a matter of ensuring your safety.

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