Woven Mesh and Material Analyses in Our Own Laboratory

All of our wire and woven mesh manufactured is examined and checked in our laboratory according to National, International and our own standards. Included among the tests are tensile and compressive tests, performed using leading industry equipment. Material testing is done using mobile XRF equipment. 

Microscopic structures are examined using ground and polished specimens. Pore size and distribution are determined using filter test stations. Digital air flow-through test stations or customer-specific test stations provide data for determining filter performance. Our photo-optic image processing apertures and wire measurements fulfil the highest standards and is MPF certified.

Self-developed, proven tests are conducted in our chemical laboratory along with standard corrosion tests (e.g. ASTM 262, G28 and others) and compared with customer test processes. This is accompanied by corresponding documentation and the monitoring of all cleaning media and cleaning results.

Residual contamination analyses related to the guidelines of VDA 19 assures our processes.



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