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Here you will find some information about the use of our filters and fabricated parts that cannot be found in any data sheets.

The so-called ae-aqua rings are electroplated to the AGXX® technology by Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff GmbH & Co. KG. When coming into contact with water based liquids free radicals in situ are developed and germs are destroyed.

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The HAVER & BOECKER design mesh decorates the instrument panel of the new Mercedes E-Class.

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Haver & Boecker uses standard plastics such as P66 but also heat resistant plastics such as PEEK and LCP.

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Woven wire cloth prevents squeaking of car doors. Also after a multiannual use the bearings - equipped with wire mesh - work properly. 

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Our wire mesh shields have protected the electronic components at microphones against external influences for more than 50 years.

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When encasing electric wire cables with recycled plastics the woven wire cloth by HAVER & BOECKER hold back foreign materials such as metal scrap.

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Our wire cloth doesn't only absorb the sound of engines but also ensures the trouble-free function of air-conditioning units. In this way you can talk in a plane and don't have to be cold in a height of 8,000 metres.

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