Filtration, Cleaning and Homogenisation

HAVER & BOECKER filters and fabricated parts made of wire mesh.

Whether in a simple part or a complex component - metal woven wire cloth is used everywhere in industry, research, the building trade and many aspects of everyday life. From flow filters in water taps to precision filter elements in space craft, woven wire cloth fulfils a variety of requirements and is fundamental to the area of application.

Haver & Boecker has been a pioneer in the technology of wire weaving for 125 years. The Company develops and processes woven wire cloth into filters and fabricated components fulfilling the highest standards. Whether it's aerospace and aviation, automotive, electrical engineering, medicine, chemicals, water filtration, machine building or plastics processing - customised solutions from Haver & Boecker offer the basis for efficient production processes, reliable function, optimum quality and distinctive design.

Wire mesh has a precise geometric appearance and the pore size (and hence material flow-through properties) can be precisely defined. It offers the ideal characteristics for filtering and separating solid, liquid and gaseous media. Therefore, wire mesh is used for draining and sizing solids, filtering and cleaning fuels, hydraulic fluids, water treatment and homogenising molten polymers.

Haver & Boecker filter media made of wire mesh covers an extremely broad range, from ultra-fine micron structures up to coarse structures. Wire mesh offers distinct advantages over other filter media. It enables uniform filter performance over the entire filter area, versatility in processing, along with ease of cleaning. When selecting the type of weave and material, mechanical, chemical and physical properties are also considered with the application requirements.