Structural Fabrics for Design and Interior Applications

HAVER structural woven wire fabrics make creative design and layout concepts possible.

Creative design and layout concepts are made possible by the unique optical and technical properties of HAVER structural woven wire fabrics. Stable, three dimensional shapes offer stunning aesthetic design and appeal. Fabricated parts from Haver & Boecker are used in variety of applications when it comes to forming, enclosing and designing different products.

A wide range of woven fabric specifications, each with its own accentuated properties, make them a versatile design material with exclusive standards and long lasting aesthetic appeal.

The name STRUCTURA reflects the optical effects of the woven fabric, which may be either open and transparent or non-transparent and closed. Depending on the type of weave various optical effects both on the front and reverse sides can be created.

The surface of HAVER structural woven wire fabrics generate different effects when viewed from different angles in natural and artificial light. Further optical effects can be produced by using various combinations of materials. 

For designing of high-value products the aesthetics, texture and function can be combined in a variety of ways. While a warm ambience is produced when combined with wood, a high value real-metal surface can render a cool-touch effect. A high-tech, futuristic ambience is conveyed when combined with glass. Open or semi-transparent woven fabric structures can be back-illuminated to create a stunning visual appearance.

In addition to the elegant covering of audio speakers and air vents, wire mesh is also used in the automotive industry for door handle enclosures and instrument panels.

HAVER structural fabrics are ultrasonically cleaned. Heat treatment stabilizes and improves formability.