Sugar and salt

High-precision manufacture of our woven wire cloths and the widest product diversity on the market ensure the optimal screening process at every step of the separation procedure. Special stainless and spring steels provide maximum service life even when used with highly abrasive materials. Haver & Boecker recommends the use of 1.4462 grade stainless steel, a magnetizable stainless steel with excellent wear properties that enables you to prevent product contamination. We built up suitable a warehouse program especially for the sugar and salt industry.

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In addition to well-known square apertures, Haver & Boecker recommends the use of rectangular apertures for round and cubic materials to achieve greater throughput and longer service life. Many specifications perfectly suited for the production of sugar and salt are available from stock:

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A clogged screen reduces the performance of the entire system and the quality of your product. Invest in Flex-Mat to get the most out of your system. Individually vibrating wires prevent both near-sized particles and moist or sticky ultra-fine particles from accumulating. We guarantee the same level of selectivity as with our woven wire mesh.

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