Great Performance on a small Footprint: Screening Machines HAVER DMS and HAVER UMD.

screening machine HAVER UMD
Screening machine HAVER UMD
Screening machine HAVER DMS
Screening machine HAVER DMS

For screening small production volumes and small single batches and for applications on laboratory and pilot plant scale, Haver & Boecker Wire Weaving Division offers two sleek screening machines. Both machines are available in one- and two-deck design.

The HAVER DMS and the HAVER UMD are suitable for a large variety of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, ore, or coal, as well as for sensitive or aggressive products. Our in-house re-screening service manufactures the screen frames ready for installation with the desired wire cloth specification. They can optionally be re-screened several times. The screen frames can also be equipped with ball trays or ARTECH ultrasonics to allow for implementation of ultra-fine cut sizes and good selfcleaning of the wire cloth. These screening aids furthermore improve the screening results and increase
the throughput rate. Both machines are linear vibrating screens, characterized by their small footprint and high separation accuracy.

The HAVER DMS receives frames of size 630 mm x 200 mm which can be equipped with wire cloth of apertures of 50 μm to 25 mm. Depending on the feed material and the desired cut sizes, throughput rates of up to 200 kg/h are well possible. For larger volumes, the HAVER UMD of size 1,250 mm x 400 mm for apertures of 50 μm to 50 mm is available. This machine can easily process up to one ton of material per hour. The sizes of these two machines and their design, which allows for batch and for continuous operation, make them particularly suitable for use in smaller industrial applications or for connection to analysis systems, for example the HAVER CPA particle analyser.

Screening maschines




Screen frame:

630 mm x 200 mm (L x B)

1.250 mm x 400 mm (L x B)

Particle size range:

50µm bis 25 mm

50µm bis 50 mm


230V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz

400 V lines voltage


Classification screen (dry) with magnetic drive

Classification screen (dry) with unbalanced motor

Maschine type:

Dounble-deck screen (3 split cuts)

Dounble-deck screen (3 split cuts)

Screening aids:

Ball try, ultrasonics

Ball try, ultrasonics

Material versions:

Regular steel/ stainless steel

Regular steel/ stainless steel


appx. 1.000 mm x 600 mm (L x B), variabel height

appx. 1.500 mm x 900 mm (L x B), variabel height

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