FLEX-MAT® High Vibration Wire Screens set the standard in lowering cost of production per ton by dramatically increasing throughput and wear life while eliminating blinding and pegging. This way producers and contractors in the aggregate, mining, recycling and fertilizer industries can maximize their screening performance. Major Europe, located in Belgium, is the direct source for all producers in Germany, Austria, Northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg. For other countries, consult Major's Website to find your local Dealer.

Their distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips bond independent the horizontally crimped wires, which vibrate at high frequency to accelerate the stratification process.

FLEX-MAT® High Vibration Wire Screens are available for ultra-fine products with a cut size of up to 0.5 mm as well as for coarser materials with cut sizes of up to 100 mm.


FLEX-MAT Screens are manufactured in OPTIMUMWIRE® or stainless steel. They can be used on end- and side-tensioned screening machines and on all common modular screen decks. The polyurethane strips are custom-placed to match the position of the cross bar in the customer’s machine.

FLEX-MAT® and OPTIMUM WIRE® are manufactured by MAJOR, a Haver & Boecker Company. Its high production capacity ensures fast delivery all over the world.

Flex-Mat screen technology allows wires, bonded to lime-green polyurethane strips, to vibrate independently from hook to hook for faster material stratification.

Flex-Mat High Vibration Wire Screens are available in a side-tensioned or end-tensioned configuration.

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Flex-Mat high-vibration technology is also available as direct switch-and-replace polyurethane modular panels to provide substantially more open area than traditional panels, and to increase the throughput of spec material.

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  • More Screening Efficiency
  • More Wear Life
  • More Profit

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Major aims to be a dedicated partner in producer’s success and performance. We provide complimentary on-site services in order to maximize producer’s overall performance. 

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