Screening with Tension: Pre-Trensioned Frames and Re-Screening Service

Before commissioning a screening machine, the operators must properly tension all screen sections with hook strips. In particular fine wire cloth sections may be accidentally damaged during the installation. For this reason, pre-tensioned screen sections are used for many types of screening machines. To produce these screen sections, the pre-tensioned wire cloth is carefully and evenly glued to the screen frame in a device developed by Haver & Boecker. In this way, optimum quality is guaranteed right from delivery, which is a precondition for high performance and a long service life. You only need to install the frame, then you can start screening right away. Haver & Boecker screen frames are manufactured in SCREENING WITH TENSION: PRE-TENSIONED FRAMES AND RE-SCREENING SERVICE. compliance with all applicable standards, monitored by our quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015.

screen frames

Haver & Boecker supplies screen frames tailored to the respective requirement – available in stainless steel, plain steel, aluminium, or synthetic materials. The adhesive is selected to match the application: FDA-approved for use in food contact, heat- or acid-resistant, or suitable for use with ultrasonic screening systems. 

Whether commonly used screen frames of renowned screening machine manufacturers kept in stock in our warehouses, or complex tailor-made frame structures – Haver & Boecker provides pre-tensioned screen sections in any size and shape, circular screen frames up to a diameter of 2,900 mm, rectangular frames up to a size of 2,650 mm x 3,100 mm.

Furthermore, we offer re-screening of defective screen frames. Send us your frame. We will remove the old wire cloth and clean the frame thoroughly. Next, we will re-screen your used frame with new wire cloth. For customers who regularly need re-screening for a large number of screen frames, specifically manufactured commuter boxes are available for easy transportation of your frames between your factory and our workshop.

All screen frames are adjusted to individual requirements:

  • Centre hole for the central axis, reinforced with GFRP or stainless steel disk
  • Centre baffle plate
  • Deflector/guide spiral made from cellular rubber or stainless steel
  • Support screen and multi-layer versions
  • Spherical and rhomboid balls for ball trays

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