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HAVER & BOECKER, a leading manufacturer of high-precision wire cloth and screens and ARTECH Ultrasonic Systems AG, a subsidiary of Crest-Holding and specialist in ultrasound technology, are collaborating to provide custom-made ultrasonic screening systems with frequency variation.

Exciting Mesh. Ulrasonic Sreening Systems - Your one-stop Resource.

Your numerous advantages: 

  • No “hot spots” on the resonator or screen since the resonance frequencies are covered only briefly
  • The caking on of powder is prevented with temperature-sensitive powders without loss of throughput
  • Longer time periods between the screen’s cleaning cycles
  • Longer service life times of the screen mechanics and screen
  • No tuning of the ultrasonic mechanics necessary – the current screen mechanics can be retrofitted and tensioned with the ARTECH sound conductor system problem-free
  • Frequency variation makes possible the excitation of several screens by a generator – this reduces the necessary investment
  • Frequency variation excites the entire structure including the screen, which makes possible the distribution of the sound field over the entire surface, which allows for a high throughput
  • Considerable process safety with forced oscillations without phase regulation, the mechanics always oscillate even without resonances – no possibility of generator overload
  • Converter and HF cable are located outside the powder flow, no caking on the converter is possible
  • ATEX certificate for ATEX Zone 20 inside the screening machine as well as for ATEX-Zone 22 outside the screening machine are available

HAVER ultrasonic screens with ARTECH frequency variation:
One System – Many Advantages!



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Ultrasonic Screening

Why ultrasonic screening?

  • delivers efficient sifting of powders with split cuts of ≤ 500 µm
  • improves throughput
  • helps the breaking down of agglomerates
  • reduces amount of excessive grain
  • ensures long-term cleaning effect


How do ultrasonic screens works?

The generator converts electrical energy into high-frequency energy which is then converted to mechanical energy by the converter.
The sound waves cause the screen frame or sound conductor to oscillate at high-frequencies. These oscillations are transferred to the screening cloth where they are evenly distributed.
The oscillations of the screening cloth reduce the frictional resistance between the grains and the screen. This reduces the tendency towards blockage, resulting in increased throughput.



Frequency Variations make a Difference!


The stimulation principle

Unlike the resonance method, the ARTECH frequency variation method stimulates the connected screen frames with a continuously varying frequency. A continuous resonance stimulus with uninterrupted high resonance amplitudes is prevented. This leads to considerably less mechanical wear on the screens and significantly reduced heating (no hot spots).
ARTECH frequency variation ensures oscillations so that the converter also oscillates without touching parts or resonances.
ARTECH frequency variation – a robust and reliable method because it always oscillates – regardless of the mechanical setup



Even Ultrasound distribution by means of Frequency Variation

The excitation of the frequency range of a screen comes with an advantage in that not only the frequency range of the interior sound conductors but also the frequency range of the frame are excited, as the frame is connected to the interior sound conductor.
Even the coupling members between the square inner ring and the frame are oscillated by means of the multi-frequency excitation. This distributes the ultrasound evenly over the screens to the frame.



Frequency Variation for Multi-Systems

The economy of frequency variation becomes apparent with very large screens or screening machines with several screen decks. The process allows for the simultaneous excitation of several ultrasonic converters by a single generator.
The variation of the frequency ensures that the frequency range of every excited screen is covered.
This means that the inner rings or multiple connected inner rings of large screens can be fitted with several ultrasonic converters that are excited by a generator.
It also means that separate screens, e.g. in screening machines with two or more decks, can be excited at the same time.



HAVER Ultrasonic Screens with ARTECH Frequency Variation

We deliver ready-to-install screening media for all types of vibrating screens equipped with individually configured ARTECH sound conductor systems precisely tensioned with HAVER stainless steel screens. We equip existing screens with the corresponding sound conductors. 

  • Round screens up to 2,650 mm
  • Rectangular screens up to 2,650 x 3,100 mm

In addition we provide the HAVER re-screening service for your used screens. If you send your pre-cleaned screen to us, we will tension it as you require.
The optimum tensioning of the screen and an individual adaptation of the ultrasonic system to customer requirements are crucial for a maximum service life and the best possible effect of the screen and the screening machine. The tensioning devices we have developed guarantee a reliable, uniform tensioning of the wire screen.



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