Ultrasonic Cleaning and Dosing

HAVER-ARTECH ultrasonic systems can be integrated into existing production facilities without any significant conversion work. Usually welding a feed rod to the container wall is all that is required. The container wall is excited by the feed rod.

The ultrasound provides unparalleled cleaning results leading to better separation and conveying of bulk solids thus reducing the adhesion to the container wall and the formation of bridges. The flow-off of the material is significantly improved without compacting or separating the material.

The cleaning and dosing with ultrasonic frequency variation is suitable for tanks, silos, conveyors, feeders, hoppers, pipes, deflectors, etc.

Ultrasonic excitation with frequency variation is particularly suited for wall thicknesses of 2-3 mm. However, it can also achieve positive effects when using it for thicker walls, provided that the material has good free-flowing properties and tends not to agglomerate.

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