Ultrasonic Screening Systems

Ultrasonic Screening on round Screening Machines

HAVER-ARTECH complete screening systems are custom-made for existing screening machines. An upgrade is possible with only minimal amendments to the screen box. Usually drilling one hole is all that needs to be done. This hole is used to guide the ultrasonic feed rod into the screen box. The feed rod is also part of the waveguide system, which eventually leads the ultrasonic waves onto wire mesh.

Depending on the type of screening machine and the screen frame’s profile there are different ways to execute the feed rod.

Direct inlet:

The feed rod is led straight through the profile of the screen frame. With certain round screening machines, the round screen frame is not sealed by the body of the machine. For these machines, it is not even necessary to incorporate a hole in the machine wall.

Shaped inlet:

If the round screen frame is fixed in the screening machine with a tensioning ring, the feed rod is executed in an S-shape and guided through the machine wall below the screen frame.

Ultrasonic Screening on rectangular Screening Machines

The HAVER/ARTECH Ultrasonic Technology will also support the cleaning effect and increase the throughput on rectangular vibrating screens. Screen boxes of many OEMs can be upgraded in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Depending on the screening area one or more waveguide systems can be incorporated on one screen deck. The feed rod can be attached either to the short or to the long side of the frame.

The angled support rods lead the ultrasonic waves into the perimeter frame, allowing for excitation of the wire mesh even the corners of the frame.

HAVER UMD 1250 x 400

The excitation of several screen decks with one generator is possible thanks to Artech’s patented frequency variation.

Besides upgrading existing screens Haver & Boecker also offers new screening machines, which are equipped with the Artech ultrasonic technology.

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Ultrasonic screening for rotary screening machines

Ultrasonic screening with rotary screening machines

Rotary Screening Machines feed the product by using screw conveyors. Rotary whirling bars convey the material contactless through the wire cloth. The powder particles are thrown against the wire mesh and therefore only have limited chances to be actually screened. Especially when processing fine and difficult-to-screen powders pegging and blinding will eventually lead to poor efficiency and a permanent need to clean the cylinders.

When using ultrasonics on the screen cylinder, the wire mesh will be directly excited. Blinding and pegging is reduced, if not fully eliminated, and the throughput and capacity is increased significantly. Time consuming cleaning of the cylinders is no longer required.

At the machine itself only one hole in the front door is required. All other works at the cylinder are realized by Haver & Boecker.

For the upgrade of cylindrical screens a single layer of HAVER Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is adhered to the rings of the cylinder. The threaded rods are guided contactless through the rings and are used to tension the wire mesh properly.

The feed-rod is welded to the center ring and transfers the ultrasonic waves evenly into the mesh that is glued to the rings.

Haver & Boecker conducts the rework of existing cylinders, but can also supply complete new cylindrical screens. Additionally Haver & Boecker offers the re-screening of cylinders that have already been upgraded for the use with Ultrasonics.

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