Individual process optimization by using the optimum industrial wire screens: more throughput, longer life time.

Precision and reliability are key factors in industrial screening. When choosing the most appropriate screening medium many factors must be considered.

Whenever precise separation cuts of screened materials are required or elongated particles have to be screened, square meshes are used.

For round or cubic particles the use of rectangular or slotted meshes is an appropriate solution. Their relatively large open screen area leads to a higher performance while reducing the tendency to clog.

Selecting the right wire mesh specification depends on many factors that must be evaluated differently in each screening process. Based on over 125 years’ experience Haver & Boecker Wire Weaving Division manufactures and stores a wide range of standard woven wire cloths according to ISO 14 315 and ISO 9044. In cooperation with our worldwide subsidiaries and partners we offer a full product and service portfolio including complete screening machines. The expertise includes above all the advice in selection of the optimal screening medium for the individual screening process, tailored to the conditions of production, the quality requirements of the screened products and the existing machinery.

We would be glad to assist you in choosing the optimal screening medium for your applications.

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