Plymesh aeration pads
Uniform penetration of air through the PLYMESH aeration pad

Woven Wire Cloth Laminated Panels for Fluidization

HAVER PLYMESH are woven wire cloth laminated panels. The individual wire cloth layers are bonded together by means of a special manufacturing process. PLYMESH is a porous, sheet metal like medium for fluidization and filtration applications.

These laminated panels can be made up of woven wire cloth layers with square openings or MINIMESH filter cloth specifications or a combination of both types.

PLYMESH has a defined pore size ranging from 5 to 500 micrometres. The geometry of the pores is uniform, and unlike powdered metal products, there are no blind holes. The surface of PLYMESH is smooth, with flattened knuckles on the outer wire cloth layers. The physical characteristics of the individual PLYMESH types as far as their pore size and flow capacity are concerned, can be pre-determined.
PLYMESH can also be supplied in panels and shaped parts in ready to be installed components such as candles, cylinders, cones and aeration pads.
The standard size of PLYMESH sheets is 500 x 1,000 mm. Special sizes upon request.