HAVER Porostar®

Filter Elements made from Woven Wire Cloth Laminated Panels

Characteristics and Applications: HAVER POROSTAR® is a woven wire cloth laminate. Its individual woven wire cloth layers are bonded by diffusion. 

The DUO-SINTER-TECHNIQUE employed in the manufacture of HAVER POROSTAR® leads to the diffusion of all wires in contact with one another. The geometrical structure of the individual woven layers is preserved. A stable porous filter plate is thus created, with predetermined characteristics in terms of pore-size, pore distribution, porosity and permeability.

HAVER POROSTAR® can be formed and welded and is corrosion resistant.

HAVER POROSTAR® is used for filtration and fluidizing purposes in many industries: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, automotive, mechanical engineering and many others.

HAVER POROSTAR® is a migration-free filtration media in the range from < 1 micron to 200 microns. Even at maximum pressure, HAVER POROSTAR®  will not shed metal particles from itself. 

Chemistry & Pharma: White paper

Efficient filtration in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

A consistently high product quality demands efficient filtration processes. Two practical examples illustrated in the free white paper show, how economical filter media made of woven wire cloth laminate contribute to the efficiency and safety of these essential parts of your production and the entire process flow.

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