HAVER Porostar®

Filter Elements made from Woven Wire Cloth Laminated Panels

Characteristics and Applications: HAVER POROSTAR® is a woven wire cloth laminate. Its individual woven wire cloth layers are bonded by diffusion. 

The DUO-SINTER-TECHNIQUE employed in the manufacture of HAVER POROSTAR® leads to the diffusion of all wires in contact with one another. The geometrical structure of the individual woven layers is preserved. A stable porous filter plate is thus created, with predetermined characteristics in terms of pore-size, pore distribution, porosity and permeability.

HAVER POROSTAR® can be formed and welded and is corrosion resistant.

HAVER POROSTAR® is used for filtration and fluidizing purposes in many industries: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, automotive, mechanical engineering and many others.

HAVER POROSTAR® is a migration-free filtration media in the range from < 1 micron to 200 microns. Even at maximum pressure, HAVER POROSTAR®  will not shed metal particles from itself.