HAVER POROSTAR® is manufactured as STANDARD-type and as special types LIGHT, HIFLO and COMBI. Specifications up to 10 mm thick have been produced.

POROSTAR-Standard is put in filter sheets and cylinders. It is designed with five or six layers and specially suitable for unbalanced loads.

POROSTAR-LIGHT is suitable for the manufacturing of pleated filter cylinders and discs with very small diameters, e.g. 2.5 mm, and is composed of three woven wire cloth layers.

POROSTAR-HIFLO Because of its important flow capacity POROSTAR HIFLO is specially suitable for sieving and filtering methods using minimized pressures. Each woven wire cloth layer has square meshes.

POROSTAR-COMBI is suitable for high pressures even in reverse direction flow. Woven wire cloth layers and a perforated metal plate are bonded by sintering. POROSTAR-COMBI is available in STANDARD type and in special types LIGHT or HIFLO as well. The number of layers and the thickness of the perforated metal plate are variable.