Sun protection with Architectural Mesh

Transparency for the best indoor climate.

Modern glass architecture requires effective protection against sunlight. HAVER Architectural Mesh combines sun protection and outstanding design with a lot of functional benefits. Whether it is the office building SANRAL in South Africa, the Clinica Sevilla Santa Angela de la Cruz in Spain, the Médiathèque les Halles in France or the Public Clinic Brandenburg in Germany – all projects benefit from HAVER Architectural Mesh.

Shading and thermal comfort
Due to its semi-transparent geometry, metal mesh is well suitable for external sun protection. Woven wire mesh provides shade and reduces temperature in the summer, while maintaining warmth and reducing heating costs in the winter.

Use of daylight with good view from the inside
Despite efficient shading, sun protection made of wire mesh offers visual transparency from the inside. Due to frontal viewing angle and lighting situation during the day, architectural wire mesh appears extremely transparent from the inside – also depending on the choice of mesh. The semi-transparency of HAVER Architectural Mesh allows an abundance of natural light to flow into the building, so that the use of artificial light can be reduced during the day.

Natural Ventilation
Due to its open area, external sun protection made of stainless steel wire mesh allows good air circulation. Accordingly the wire mesh prevents the accumulation of warm air in front of the facade.

Fixed or removable Solutions
Wire mesh is particularly suitable for a permanent use as sun protection with large-scale tensioned elements. It can also be integrated in sliding or hinged frames for removable solutions.

Individual Design
The variety of wire mesh, the option of color design and customized solutions for mounting systems offer infinite freedom to create individual sun protection.

Excellent shading values
With a sunlight incident angle of 60 ° and a double glazing window, most of the used architectural mesh types already effect a reduction of solar energy input between 40% and 70%. In interaction with a sun protection glazing they reach at the same angle of incidence a g-value among 0.1 to 0.18.

The wire mesh type LARGO-TWIST 2045, particular developed for sun protection, goes well beyond. With an 60° incidence angle of sunlight, the energy input is reduced by more than 90 %. This effects in combination with a sun protection glazing a g-value of only 0.02.

Natural incidence of light, transparency, perfect sun protection and longevity are the main properties of wire mesh used as sun protection. Due to the selection of mesh types HAVER Architectural Mesh combines good to excellent sun protection poverties with a variety of designs.