Haver Metal Mesh for the Electronic Industry

Ever smaller electronic devices require ever smaller printed circuits and printed circuit boards. Cutting edge screen printing processes use highly accurate, stable screen printing cloth made of metal mesh. HAVER metal mesh has a high register accuracy, can be adapted to the required ink deposit for the specific application and make possible optimum ink flow, ensuring an even color gradient and a precisely definable thickness of the ink deposit. 

Example applications:

  • PCBs - single- and double-sided printed circuit boards
  • FPC - flexible single- and double-sides FPC conductor paths
  • Thick film circuits
  • LTCC circuits – Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics
  • MLCC components, ceramic capacitors
  • Solder paste for SMD
  • Membrane keypads
  • Scales
  • Chip production
  • RFID - Radio communications and networks
  • LCD - liquid crystal display screens
  • PDB - plasma display screens
  • OLED - organic light emitting diodes
  • FED - flat screen technology
  • Electronic paper, e-paper
  • TP - touch panels