Woven Media and Post Weaving Processes | Materials

Materials for Woven Wire Cloth

Technical woven wire cloth manufactured by Haver & Boecker is used for screening and filtration in almost every industrial sector: chemical, plastic, automobile, aviation, aerospace, electronics, industrial screening (mining and quarrying), test sieving, food processing industry and a host of other applications. In addition to its technical properties, Haver & Boecker woven wire cloth has a high aesthetic appeal for architectural and and design projects.

From 16 mm diameter wire, to fine wire down to only 0.015 mm diameter, we weave all types of material. 

  • Steel: blank, galvanized, tinned, lacquered, plastic coated 
  • Stainless steel: chrome steel, chrome-nickel steel, chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, heat resisting steel 
  • Non-ferrous metals: aluminium, nickel, MONEL-Metal, phosphor bronze, brass, copper 
  • Special materials: titanium, hastelloy, silver, platinum und many others.

The selection of material, quality and processing are of great importance for the properties of the woven wire cloth product. Certain requirements can be fulfilled only by using certain materials. Here the costs for various materials can vary widely. Knowledge about which materials are best suited for particular applications and which processes may be used are especially important for assuring the fulfilment of the requirements for function, stability, safety, and economy.