MINIMESH® S-Metal Filter Cloth |

Precision Pores

MINIMESH® S-Metal Filter Cloth specifications have an optimized pore geometry with precise pore size. Thanks to their precision pores, they attain a precise cut point and stability previously unattainable.

A characteristic value is determined by calculation for the geometric pore and describes the diameter of a round sphere that is just able to pass through the wire mesh. HAVER & BOECKER names the value Xmax (=maximum pore size) as reference for all pore sizes.

The pressure drop coefficient for air in laminar flow is used for determining permeability. The mathematical formulae behind this process were developed in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart.

Known measurement methods for pore size and flow-through are incorporated to test and validate the mathematical formula. The maximum pore size is determined by glass bead test. In addition HAVER & BOECKER uses the “Bubble Point Method” according to SAE ARP 901 within quality assurance process.

The independent internationally renowned testing institute WHITEHOUSE SCIENTIFIC confirms the excellent filter characteristics of the new MINIMESH® S-Generation with “precision pores“.